Welcome to Swainswick Church

St Mary the Virgin, Innox lane, Upper Swainswick, Bath BA1 8DB

We are – at last! – able to open the church again so please come in. Use the hand sanitiser in the porch before you enter and when you leave and remember to stay at a safe distance from anyone else who is visiting.   We have had to keep the toilet locked for the moment.

The church is open for private prayer keeping the recommended physical distance. God is allowed to be near though!  Sadly, we’ve had to put away the toys and the tea & coffee for the moment.

There is a short zoomed Compline service every Wednesday at 7pm. Well worth joining with Meeting ID: 248 407 2470 and Password: 9SnLkp

And there will be a short outdoor service in the churchyard on Sunday 19 July at 10.30 am.  If wet then in church with the necessary physical distancing.  We hope then to start weekly Sunday services at the beginning of August.

Open minds….open hearts….and open in daylight hours

There has been a Christian community at Swainswick Church for over 800 years, meeting to worship God, pray, give thanks, forgive and be forgiven, ask for help, laugh, cry, baptise, marry and mourn.  That’s something like 42,500 services not counting all the baptisms, weddings and funerals, so the building is steeped in history and holiness.

And we still meet when Covid19 allows;  a congregation of 15-20 most weeks, relaxed and inclusive, sharing our highs and lows and finding hope, friendship, meaning and a shape to our lives  through the Christian story.

People love the singing and there’s bell ringing on the first Sunday of the month.  We’ve got a close relationship with Swainswick Primary School, and there’s an area in the church with toys, books and colouring.

We want the church to be a home to as many people as possible, whether or not they come on a Sunday morning.  The church is open during the day and walkers often stop for a break and to have a tea or coffee.  There are tables and chairs in the churchyard, which is a beautiful place to sit on a sunny day.

We’ve become well known for our monthly pub (first Friday of the month) which, as far as we know, is a first in a parish church and serves excellent Abbey Ales.  School parents organise a fortnightly café in the church in term time and there’s the Swainswick Fete in June, Woolley Strawberry Teas in July and the Swainswick Beerfest in September.    Details are on the Diary and Community Happenings pages, or pick up a copy of The Mag from church which will give you a good idea of what is going on and make you laugh as well.

If you’ve got an enquiry about a baptism, wedding or funeral, please contact the Rev Dave Parr on 01225 858139 or email: davidjonathanparr@gmail.com

For other information, email: swainswickchurch@gmail.com

The safeguarding officers for Swainswick and Woolley church are:

Helen Roberts    and    Rachel Leigh-Wood

07752 464857                07758 515092


We are very, very grateful to National Lottery Players and the National Lottery Community Fund who have contributed £10,000 to the pay for a new gas boiler for the church. We will now be able to heat the church without being reliant on oil and can install a more energy efficient system.

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